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New Releases


The World’s most powerful Risk Analysis software tool using Monte Carlo simulation for Excel and Project.

You make decisions every day. Where to invest, what product to produce, which vendor to use, what price to charge - the list is endless. You probably base your decisions on whatever data you have on hand - historical costs, competitors' prices, vendor estimates, etc. But how often do you have full, complete information? Prices change, demand fluctuates, costs rise. It's easy to make the wrong decision if you don't take all possible scenarios into account. Making the best decisions means performing risk analysis. And there's no easier, more powerful solution than @RISK, the world's most widely used risk analysis tool!

New @RISK 6.0 for Excel runs simulations 20 times faster than before!
It is fully compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP-8, Excel 2003-2013, and Project 2003-2013.
64-bit technology enables Excel and @RISK to access much more computer memory than ever before. This allows for vastly larger models and greater computational power.

EViews 10

EViews 10 offers academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use interface.

EViews blends the best of modern software technology with cutting edge features. The result is a state-of-the art program that offers unprecedented power within a flexible, object-oriented interface.

Explore the world of EViews and discover why it's the worldwide leader in Windows-based econometric software and the choice of those who demand the very best.

See what's new in EViews 10

ForecastX 7.x for Excel

The ForecastX Wizard is an Excel add-in that is very easy to use, requires no data formatting and produces forecasting results that can be seamlessly integrated with any other system. The Wizard is designed for non-statisticians but offers a full range of features for advanced users.
Thousands of customers around the world use the ForecastX Wizard on a daily basis to produce their forecasts and demand plans.

The ForecastX Wizard offers users the ability to:

Perform statistical forecasting (seasonal, non-seasonal, growth, slow-moving items, event modeling) Calculate safety stock Build inventory plans Plan new product launches, events and promotions

The ForecastX Wizard comes in two sizes:

bulletStandard Edition, with its full range of forecasting methods, statistics, and reports, and
bulletPremium Edition, which adds powerful inventory management & hierarchy features.

Gauss 13

GAUSS 18.0

Aptech Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the new release of GAUSS 18 Mathematical and Statistical System.

An easy-to-use data analysis, mathematical and statistical environment based on the powerful, fast and efficient GAUSS Matrix Programming Language widely used by scientists, engineers, statisticians, biometricians, econometricians, and financial analysts. GAUSS is used to solve real world problems and data analysis problems of exceptionally large scale. Program development and program execution are FAST!

The GAUSS Engine lets you seamlessly integrate GAUSS applications with practically any production environment, or distribute GAUSS functionality within custom software – royalty free!

GAUSS Applications: Pre-written, customizable GAUSS programs designed to increase user productivity and extend GAUSS functionality in the fields of statistics, finance, engineering, physics, risk analysis and more.

GAUSS 18 introduces a number of new and enhanced functions and features:

bulletImproved Data Handling
bulletNew Graphics Functionality updates
bulletGeneralized Method of Moments
bulletSpeed improvements
bulletNew Mathematical and Statistical Functionality
bulletFunction Speedups... and More!

Please see What's New in GAUSS 18.0


KaleidaGraph contains the comprehensive toolset you need to get your graphing and data analysis done quickly and easily. Period. No costly 'bells and whistles' that you never use. No complicated software that costs you valuable time and takes you away from your science. Just exceptional, accurate graphing and analysis at a remarkable price.

bulletFlexible Data Entry
bulletFast and Versatile Graphing Choices
bulletComplete Control over Every Plot Option
bulletPowerful Data Analysis and Manipulation
bulletError Bars
bulletPrecise Curve Fitting
bulletEffortless Printing and Plot Export 



MathType is a powerful interactive equation editor for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.
MathType works with 100s of applications and websites, allowing you to put Equations Everywhere and AnywhereT.

RATS 9.0

RATS (Regression Analysis of Time Series) is a fast, efficient, and comprehensive econometrics and time series analysis software package. For more than two decades, it has been the econometrics software of choice at universities, central banks, and corporations around the world. Our current release, Version 9.0, is easier to use than ever while continuing to offer the most advanced tools available for cutting-edge econometrics research.

A new look, new manuals, improved data handling, more powerful tools for organizing results, and much more. If you'd like to try out the RATS software, you can download a free 30-day trial version here; RATS Trial version. This is a complete, unlimited version of the program & will run for 30 days from the date of first use.


Scientific WorkPlace makes writing, sharing and typesetting mathematical and scientific text easier than you ever imagined. This is an easy-to-use word processor that integrates mathematics and text in the same environment. The embedded MuPAD 5® computer algebra engine in Scientific WorkPlace 6 allows the user to perform computations on the screen, and to print them out correctly formatted.

With Version 6 you have a choice of operating systems: Windows® or OS X®. With its entirely new Mozilla-based architecture, Version 6 provides more flexibility; you can save or export your documents in multiple formats according to your publication and portability needs.

Word2Tex 5.0

Word2TeX is a converter designed in order to use with Microsoft Word and enables Microsoft Word to save documents in LaTeX format. This gives the opportunity to convert existing Microsoft Word documents to LaTeX and to create new LaTeX documents right in your mainstream word processor rather than requiring a completely separate editing environment.

Document formatting & structure translation Translates documents to LaTeX2e, LaTeX2.09, AMS-LaTeX formats. Word2TeX can be customized to produce any LaTeX-based format.

Word2TeX translates following structure and formatting aspects of Word documents:

text (including MBCS, has built-in customizable Unicode database), equations and references to equations (all versions of Equation Editor and MathType supported) , color (in equations too), text formatting, paragraph styles, footnotes, endnotes (to LaTeX bibliography), index, multicolumn formatting, references, hyperlinks, figures (to EPS or EPDF), tables (including nested tables), lists and enumerations, and even much more...

Tex2Word 3.0

TeX2Word is a converter designed in order to use with Microsoft Word and enables Microsoft Word to open documents in TeX format (this includes any TeX-based formats like LaTeX, etc.). This gives the opportunity to import existing TeX documents to Microsoft Word. TeX2Word is based on Chikrii Softlab pseudoTeX technology and this means that virtually any existing TeX/LaTeX package can be supported by TeX2Word. TeX2Word has open-architecture and provides everyone with opportunity to customize it for personal or business needs.

Why may you need your documents to be in Microsoft Word format? TeX/LaTeX is a de-facto standard in scientific publishing, but many publishers accept papers only in Microsoft Word format. Other reason is wide spectrum of software compatible with Microsoft Word, for example, Microsoft Word documents can be published on the Web using, for instance, Mathpage technology shipped with Design Science MathType.


Survey Pro 5.0

SurveyPro 5 is a comprehensive survey software suite. It includes polished questionnaire design, an integrated database, and a sophisticated reporting and analysis engine. All this, and it's easy to use, with friendly graphic interfaces, unparalleled technical support, and multiple training options.

Truly a multimedia solution, SurveyPro lets you distribute surveys on the web, via paper, on your local area network (LAN), or at a kiosk. You can also create scannable surveys. You can combine multiple media in a single project, and even do the analysis together.

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