Precision Tree



Decisions, decisions, decisions! When you are faced with large and complex decisions, you need to organize them efficiently while considering all possible options. Decision trees and influence diagrams are perfect for this, and PrecisionTree lets you create them right where you work the most - in Excel! PrecisionTree allows you to clearly model your decisions and identify the best decision to make as well as the risks involved!

PrecisionTreeŽ is the Decision Analysis Add-In for Microsoft ExcelŽ. Build decision trees and influence diagrams directly in your spreadsheet! Create diagrams easily by selecting cells in your spreadsheet and clicking node buttons at the PrecisionTree toolbar. Enter probabilities and payoffs directly in cells in your tree. With one click, PrecisionTree will run a powerful decision analysis on your model, determining the best way to proceed with your decision.

Who should use PrecisionTree? Anyone faced with a set of alternative decisions should use PrecisionTree. Businesses use PrecisionTree to make decisions on introducing new products, factoring in decisions at each stage of marketing and production. Gas and oil companies use PrecisionTree to make the best decisions when developing an oil field. No matter what industry, PrecisionTree can work for you.


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