Built-in GARCH instruction makes estimating ARCH and GARCH models easier and faster than before. Options make it easy to select the distribution (Normal, t, or GED), specify an exponential model, or include asymmetry terms. In addition to the standard multivariate model, you can choose BEKK, Diagonal, Constant Correlation, or Dynamic Conditional Correlations. 

More Menu-Driven Wizards
You can now read data, do transformations, estimate regressions, do hypothesis tests, display graphs, and more via a simple point-and-click interface. 

New Estimators
New DDV and LDV instructions provide expanded support for discrete dependent variable and limited dependent variable models. 

Interface Enhancements
In addition to the menu-driven Wizards mentioned above, RATS 6 includes several other interface enhancements, including more toolbar icons, full Undo/Redo capabilities, and the ability to view, edit, and graph any series in memory using the new "Series List" window and associated toolbar icons. A "most recently used files list" makes it easy to re-open recent files, and new preference settings make it easier to control the start-up directory and automatically load procedures. Finally, we have integrated most of the functionality of the stand-alone RATSDATA program directly into RATS.

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