KaleidaGraph creates accurate presentation quality graphs that transform the most complex data into elegant and meaningful visual displays. A complete package for virtually any graphical display with flexible windows based data entry, fast and versatile graphing choices, flexible error bars and powerful data analysis.

Completely controls plots, via data manipulation - over 100 mathematical and statistical functions, and a variety of curve fitting techniques are available. Menu options allow transposition, masking and sorting of your data.

 KaleidaGraph is powerful enough to handle datasets with 1000 columns and 1,000,000 rows in each data window. It features templates for often-used graphs, formula scripts to automate processes, effortless corrections with a simple edit and click, and the ability to create multi-graph spreads with the page layout function - rearrange, resize, and add graphs, tables and text. Use scripting to create new plot types and import data automatically.
bulletData Formats: Floating point, Double precision, Integer, Date, Time, and Text.
bulletDisplay date or time values in one of 18 formats.
bulletPerform multi-level sorts on the data.
bulletMake notes about your data (Posted Note).
bulletUpdate the plot automatically (or on-demand) if any changes are made in the data window.
bulletFlexible Data Entry
bulletFast and Versatile Graphing Choices
bulletComplete Control over Every Plot Option
bulletTemplates and Error Bars
bulletPowerful Curve Fitting
bulletMeaningful Data Analysis and Manipulation
bulletConvenient Printing and Plot Export

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