PDEase 2D

PDEase 2D  

Macsyma has the most capable and reliable symbolic-numerical maths engine available.

On standard tests it gets more problems right than any other maths software package, even on basic problems, and continually outperforms other packages.

The add-on NumKit (based on LAPACK) speeds up most large numerical matrix operations. For Differential Equations, Macsyma offers the most complete suite of symbolic and numerical ODE solvers available.

PDE's can be expressed in co-ordinate free form and in specific co-ordinate systems.

PDEase (see link) can read the equations formulated within Macsyma and solve them numerically using finite element methods.

Macsyma's notebooks combine formatted text, presentation-quality maths display and striking scientific graphs in the same documents. Macsyma takes graphics to whole new level with control of over 150 attributes of a typical 3D plot in the notebook.

The MathTips Advisor gives sample computations in many areas of mathematics; select the matching one, click on the command line and the calculation is complete.

Questions can be posed in 'plain' English making the advanced on-line help easy to use. In addition, Macsyma has thousands of help topics connected by hyperlinks.

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