What is MathType?

Math Type is the best thing for writing equations since chalk!

MathType is a powerful interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing and desktop publishing documents, web pages, presentations, and for TeX & LaTeX and MathML documents.

MathType is the Professional Version of Equation Editor. MathType is a tool that you use with your favourite word processor or presentation program to add mathematical notation to your documents.

You can quickly build complex equations with simple point and click techniques. There are no code words to remember.

You add each mathematical symbol and template to your equation by simply choosing its icon with the mouse or keyboard.

MathType applies the rules of mathematical typesetting as you type. It automatically chooses fonts, style, spacing and position as you enter the equation. You can modify MathType's spacing rules to accommodate your own style, or switch between automatic formatting and plain text modes with a single keystroke. For maximum flexibility and control, MathType gives you the ability to nudge equation elements in 1/4 point increments.

MathType comes with over 275 mathematical symbols and templates - Fractions, radicals, sums, integrals, products, matrices, various types of brackets and braces - you name it! You can also use any character from any font installed on your system.


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