Direct Collect



DirectCollect is the most versatile member of the SurveyPro family, because it's self-administered surveys can be distributed in so many ways!

The self-running surveys are fully interactive, immediately verifying answers are accurate and properly formatted. Respondents can freely advance forward and back through the survey, and of course there are skips and branching. You can also secure DirectCollect responses with a password, restricting them to a single response if desired.

If you're administering the survey using an in-person or telephone interviewer, you can also have each interviewer pre-load their name, session, and other information so it's copied into each form. And, unlike individual respondents, their files allow them to move forward and back through all the responses they've collected that session.

Responses are returned to you electronically (via e-mail or any other supported distribution methods). Once received, simply import response data back into SurveyPro one-by-one or using batch import. Reports, of course, automatically update upon import.

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