KEY Collect



SurveyPro includes a screen for entering data, but do you really want to enter all 500, 5,000 or 50,000 forms yourself?

KeyCollect offers a flexible, economical alternative.

Lists of previously used answers make consistent entry a breeze for short open-ended responses. And answers to single- or multiple-answer checkboxes can be clicked or 10-keyed for rapid entry. You can even require that certain questions must be answered, and of course formatting for patterns, numbers and dates is enforced. For 100% accuracy just use our Verify function, a fast, intuitive approach to double-checking data entry.

KeyCollect requires just 5 minutes of training, so anyone with basic keyboard skills can get rolling quickly. You can even set up your branch offices with copies so they just send you data files! And since these are SurveyPro family files, they import with just a few clicks to automatically update your reports.

KeyCollect features include options for:
bulletSpell Check.
bulletData Verification.
bulletKeyed Import for Record Merging.
bulletJump-to Form from Answer List.
bulletPassword Protection.
bulletEnforced Scale Patterns (i.e. Social Security numbers).
bulletEnforced Scale Rankings and Ranges.


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