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Survey Pro is designed to mange all your surveys from start to finish. Questionnaire design, data entry and analysis are seamlessly integrated into the one package, no longer requiring import/export between several programs.

Major survey projects (and even smaller ones) can be collected with the least effort possible. The whole process begins with WYSIWYG questionnaire design which automatically sets up the data entry screens so there is no database programming.

Managing more than questionnaire within a survey project is easy with Apians Survey Pro.

Data entry can be organised for multiple users, and once all of the data has been collected, powerful survey analysis tools are at your finger tips.

Build reports through point-and-click dialogues, with IntelliCruncher keeping track of which figure types and statistics are valid for which question.

Analyse you data via graphical, tabulated, statistical and weighted analysis methods, then create presentaion0-quality output.

Survey Pro even handles open ended written answers.


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