Are you working on complex engineering, scheduling, or resource allocation problems? Do you have problems that Excel’s Solver claims can’t be solved? You need the most innovative solver technology on today’s preferred platform. Look no further than Evolver, the revolutionary Windows-based problem-solving tool that works as an add-in to Microsoft Excel.

Evolve the Optimal Solution!
Evolver is an optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel®. Evolver uses innovative genetic algorithm (GA) technology to quickly solve complex optimization problems in finance, distribution, scheduling, resource allocation, manufacturing, budgeting, engineering, and more. Virtually any type of problem that can be modelled in Excel can be solved by Evolver, including previously unsolvable problems! Evolver requires no knowledge of programming or GA theory and ships with a fully illustrated manual and several examples. Evolver is available in three versions: Standard, Professional, and Industrial. The Professional and Industrial versions have increased problem capacities and advanced features.

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