Constructs models with ease and speed; even if you are not a mathematician or programmer! ModelMaker models are constructed using an intuitive diagrammatic format.

Continuous, discrete, stochastic and event driven systems can all be realised, using differential and algebraic equations. Include feedback delays and lookups, and run your models with real, historical data! Also included are goodness of fit statistics, parameter optimisation, confidence interval calculations, sensitivity analysis and minimization.

Repeated runs of a model are also possible, which is particularly useful for repeated stoichastic models.

ModelMaker is an ideal tool for research, consultancy and teaching, providing a start to finish environment for numerical modelling. Its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners to grasp concepts whilst its in-depth functionality allows experienced modellers to enhance their knowledge and modelling skills.

ModelMaker 4

Now released in version 4, ModelMaker is more user friendly than ever. Maintaining our simple drag and drop approach to simulation modelling (still no programming!) we have made workflow more intuitive and added extra features to improve optimisation and analysis. Still a favourite because of its direct no-nonsense approach to modelling, ModelMaker 4 will help you get the results you need, slashing the time needed to use expensive programming oriented packages.


ModelManager is a Windows-based program for the deployment, storage and reporting of mathematical models. Our first release of ModelManager, known as Environmental Kinetics (or EK), has been designed with environmental fate scientists in mind. ModelManager (EK) enables compound degradation data from multiple studies to be optimised against several user defined or pre-defined models.

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