MultiSimplex is a Windows-based software for sequential design of experiments and optimisation.

MultiSimplex is used to improve: 
Quality of products. 
Efficiency of processes. 
Performance of scientific instruments. 

The optimisation is based on practical trials that are performed step-by-step. Together with your skill and your experience, the efficient and systematic search strategies of the optimisation algorithms form a powerful tool.

Using MultiSimplex® is the fastest way to find and maintain the optimal settings when you want to improve quality of your products, the efficiency of your manufacturing process, or the performance of your analytical instrument. 

A powerful tool for design of experiments and optimisation.

The MultiSimplex software will let you optimise almost any technical system in a quick and easy way. Numerous examples from our customers show how it can save time for you, and money for your company, e.g.: 

Analytical laboratories have cut analysis time up to 50%. 
Quality characteristics have improved by 50-100%. 
Manufacturing through-puts have increased up to 50%. 
Combustion facilities have cut environmental emissions by 20-30%. 
What are savings like this worth to you? $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000? With MultiSimplex, you will beat the competition! What if your competitors are already using it?

Key benefits:

bulletCan simultaneously handle several optimisation criteria.
bulletFind optimum conditions with a minimum of practical trials.
bulletPractical trials are performed in the direction of improvement.
bulletMethods used in industry and research for more than 30 years.

Key features:

bulletBasic or modified simplex methods.
bulletNumerical and graphical evaluation.
bulletEasy handling of mixture optimisation.
bulletAdd and remove variables "on-the-fly".
bulletHandle many types of optimisation problems.
bulletTutorials, extensive HTML help system and complete manual.
bulletValidated to fulfil specifications. 

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