Analytical Edition



Bio-Rad Laboratories, Informatics Division, the World Leader in Analytical Informatics™, offers the first, fully integrated environment for multiple techniques such as IR, NMR, MS, UV/Vis, GC, Raman, and Near IR. Now you can have it all and know it all in one place—search and access reference spectra, build databases* with spectra and property information, and generate high-quality reports to share all you know with your colleagues. And now you can also gain access to an exclusive community for KnowItAll users.

The KnowItAll Informatics System is modular and customisable so you can easily transfer information from application to application without having to leave the main interface—without having to open another program!

The KnowItAll Analytical Edition includes: BrowseIt, DrawIt, ReportIt, SearchIt and MineIt for IR, NMR, MS, UV/Vis, GC, Near IR, and Raman, RefineIt IR and Raman, limited access to other applications. To increase the power of the applications that are part of this package, other software solutions are available as options within the KnowItAll environment such as the Database Building Option. Users can also subscribe to Bio-Rad's HaveItAll® NMR, IR, and MS database solutions.

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