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ChemDraw Ultra 5.0, the newest version of the world's most popular chemical drawing package, contains many exciting new features.

Among the highlights of ChemDraw Ultra 5.0 are a name-to-structure generator (Name=Struct), built-in structure naming via Beilstein's AutoNom Version 2.1 program, estimated NMR line spectra display, spectral file viewing, a new version of the ChemDraw Plug-in, and improved programming interfaces.

Name=Struct allows chemists to generate a ChemDraw structure by typing in systematic chemical names for most substances. Simply type in the name, and watch the structure appear! And, for the reverse procedure, ChemDraw Ultra includes Beilstein's highly regarded AutoNom 2.1 program to generate IUPAC-standard names from ChemDraw structures -- all within the ChemDraw application.

An improved ChemNMR now allows you to display 13C and 1H NMR shift prediction line spectra from a ChemDraw structure. The new spectral feature can read spectral data files in SPC & JCAMP formats.

Included is an enhanced ChemDraw 5.0 Plug-in that adds the ability to display spectral files, along with molecules in your Web pages. ChemDraw Ultra 5.0 is a must for all chemists.

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