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ChemFinder Ultra 5.0 is the ideal chemical information package for the users who want to create chemical databases for storage and quick retrieval or utilize pre-existing databases.

ChemFinder is a fast, chemically intelligent search engine for ChemInfo and many other databases. ChemFinder Ultra ships with the complete ChemInfo Pro set of databases.

(Note: ChemFinder Ultra 5.0 was formerly known as ChemInfo Ultra 4.5).

The new release features the latest updates of the four ChemInfo Components: ChemACX, ChemINDEX, ChemRXN and ChemMSDS. Feature improvements include increased search speed, unlimited hit lists from queries and continuous refinements of search results, and form design enhancements using colour and field formatting.

ChemFinder can be installed as an extension to MS Excel 97 to create structure searchable spreadsheets. Connect with Oracle and MS Access relational databases. Import data from MDL ISIS SD and RD files.

(Win / NT)

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