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Statistica QC Charts:

STATISTICA Quality Control Charts features a wide selection of quality control analysis techniques with presentation-quality charts of unmatched versatility and comprehensiveness. It is uniquely ideal for both automated shop-floor quality control systems of all types and levels of complexity, as well as sophisticated analytic and quality improvement research. A selection of automation options and user-interface shortcuts simplify routine work and practically all of the numerous graph layout options and specifications can be permanently modified (saved as system default settings or as reusable templates).

Statistica Process Analysis:

STATISTICA Process Analysis is comprised of two modules which include comprehensive implementations of process capability analysis, gage repeatability and reproducibility analysis, Weibull analysis, sampling plans, and variance components for random effects, each of which is described in the following sections.

Statistica Design of Experiments:

STATISTICA Design of Experiments offers an extremely comprehensive selection of procedures to design and analyse the experimental designs used in industrial (quality) research: 2**(k-p) factorial designs with blocking (for over 100 factors, including unique, highly efficient search algorithms for finding minimum aberration and maximum unconfounding designs, where the user can specify the interaction effects of interest that are to be unconfounded), screening designs (for over 100 factors, including Plackett-Burman designs), 3**(k-p) factorial designs with blocking (including Box-Behnken designs), mixed-level designs, central composite (or response surface) designs (including small central composite designs), Latin square designs, Taguchi robust design experiments via orthogonal arrays, mixture designs and triangular surfaces designs, vertices and centroids for constrained surfaces and mixtures, and D- and A-optimal designs for factorial designs, surfaces, and mixtures.

Statistica Power Analysis:

STATISTICA Power Analysis (stand-alone or add-on) was developed with the same technology and attention to detail as STATISTICA, which has received the highest rating in EVERY comparative review in which it has been featured since its first release in 1993. Using STATISTICA Power Analysis in planning and analysing your research, you can always be confident that you are using your resources most efficiently. Nothing is more disappointing than realizing that your research findings lack precision because your sample size was too small. On the other hand, using a sample size that is too large could be a significant waste of time and resources. STATISTICA Power Analysis will help you find the ideal sample size and enrich your research with a variety of tools for estimating confidence intervals and conducting comprehensive power analysis.

Statistica Neural Networks:

STATISTICA Neural Networks is a comprehensive neural networks analysis package. It can be used as a stand-alone application or interface with STATISTICA or Quick STATISTICA. The popularity of neural network methodology is rapidly growing in a wide variety of areas from basic research, to data mining applications, business forecasting and risk management, engineering, and others. STATISTICA Neural Networks is the most technologically advanced and best performing neural networks application on the market. It offers numerous unique advantages and will appeal not only to neural network experts (by offering to them an extraordinary selection of network types and training algorithms), but also to new users in the field of neural computing (via the unique Intelligent Problem Solver, a tool that can guide the user through the necessary procedures for creating neural networks).

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