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Statistica is a comprehensive, integrated statistical data analysis, graphics, data base management, and custom application development system featuring a wide selection of basic and advanced analytic procedures for science, engineering, business, and data mining applications.

The system includes not only general-purpose statistical and graphics procedures, but also comprehensive implementations of specialized modules (e.g., for social scientists, biomedical researchers, or engineers).

All modules are available to the user as part of an integrated package that can be controlled with a selection of alternative user-interfaces, including comprehensive, Wizard-aided programming languages that can be used to build custom extensions or to integrate STATISTICA with other applications or computing environments.

STATISTICA 6.0 includes:

A SIMPLIFIED USER INTERFACE - The individually tailored interface allows for more efficient management of output. "Quick Tabs" allow for quick access to critical results, while "Advanced Tabs" give users access to more specialized tools and freedom to further explore and visualize their data.

CONVENIENT WORKBOOKS AND REPORTS - Output options have been significantly expanded to include a flexible Workbook and Reporting functionality capable of efficiently managing practically unlimited numbers of active, multimedia documents (both STATISTICA native and ActiveX documents), organized hierarchically and optionally linked together.

FULL WEB-ENABLEMENT OPTIONS - Both input and output can be handled via the Internet. Users can automatically publish their output on the Web in easily navigable reports with embedded objects and instruct STATISTICA, through their browser, to perform specified analysis and display their output. STATISTICA's computational and data querying power can be accessed from practically any computer in the world that is connected to the Web.

COMPATIBILITY/PROGRAMMABILITY - Built-in, industry standard Visual Basic scripting language allows programmers to access directly every aspect of the program to automate routine tasks or develop elaborate custom applications.

Countless other enhancements and new features make STATISTICA 6 unique:
bulletNew Statistical Techniques
bulletEnhanced Graphics Technology
bulletSpeed Optimization
bulletUnlimited Capacity
bulletOptimized Access to Remote Databases

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